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Styles of Photography

Portraits & Head Shots

Before photography was invented, people would hire professional artists and painter to create portraits. Head shots are typically used by actors and actresses to attach to resumes.

Fashion Photography & Tame Glamour Photography

Examples would include the tamer advertisements and articles in Glamour Magazine. The emphasis in this style of photography is displaying clothes, hair and make up.

Fashion Runway

Picture of someone modeling clothes in a fashion show.  High Fashion runway photos often include minor nudity as high fashion models usually model braless and don’t wear underwear to avoid panty lines.

Editorial Pictures

These are pictures that attempt to tell a story. This style of photography developed though NEWS photographers. In this style of photography the photographer is seeking to capture an event, action or something that is happening. In terms of modeling, if you were shooting something editorial style, the model would be doing something. Think Norman Rockwell.

Beauty Photography

A style of art photography where the photographer attempts to make his subject as beautiful as possible by controlling a large number of factors such as; lighting, color scheme, facial expression, background setting, pose, etc.

Period Piece Photography

These are pictures of a person in historical costumes. Examples would be renaissance gowns, vintage clothing, 1920s flapper dresses, 1950s dresses or lingerie, etc.

Fitness Modeling

Think Fitness Magazines here. This would include sports wear, exercise outfits, tight shorts, sports bras, dance wear, leotards, tights, etc. Fitness modeling put a huge emphasis on showing off the body. Especially in terms of muscle tone, fitness etc. The poses are NOT sexually suggestive.

Performing Arts/ Sports Photos

These are photos which so a person engaged in a sports activity or a performance art. Examples would be ballet photos, photos of yoga poses, belly dancing, horseback riding, martial arts, etc.

This is different from fitness modeling because the person is actually performing the art or sport, not just posing for the picture.

Swimsuit & Bikini Modeling

Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition or car magazines. This of course includes bikinis. I’m big fan of one piece swimsuits by the way and no one ever seems to have them anymore.

Promotional Modeling

These are models is sexy costumes or swimsuits used to attract attention for specific products or services. Examples would be girls in bikini promoting Budweiser beer, car show girls, sexy costumes at gamer conventions, etc.

Pinup Lingerie

Based off the 1950s pin up models, this is style of photography all in its own. Pin up shoots are usually themed, cute, naively innocent with a tiny hint of sexual suggestion. Most pin up lingerie shoots are less revealing than a typical bikini shoots.

Costume Play or Cosplay

Costume Play or Cosplay consists of photographs of people wearing various costumes. This would include sexy Halloween costumes, sci-fi and fantasy costumes, gothic costumes, etc.

Boudoir, Intimates or Art Lingerie

Think Victory Secrets here. This level is high quality glamour lingerie photos. Sometime times this style is shot with the same lighting and posing as art implied nudes or art nudes. Poses in this style emphasize beauty and are generally not sexually explicit.

Art Implied Nudes

Think a Caress soap commercial, lotion commercial or body wash commercial on TV. These are photographs which tastefully show the human body without showing the nipples or crotch. This style of photography is generally not sexual suggestive. Often these photos are done in black white and a huge emphasis is placed on lighting techniques.

Modern Pin Up

Think Maxim Magazine here. The point is to make the model look hot and sexy. The poses can be moderately sexually suggestive, the swimsuits are smaller, the exercise outfits are tiny and implied nudes are used.

Modern Pin Up would the sexy posters of women that college boys put up in their dorm rooms.

Art Nudes

High quality photographs of human body with emphasis on beauty. This is in the tradition of famous painters and sculptures such as Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Leonardo DaVinci. Although art nudes display the naked human body, they are not sexual suggestive.