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Black & White Portraits

In addition to offering color photography, Austin Fine Art & Glamour Portrait photography offer black and white image services.

When photography was first invented and for a long time after, all photographs were black and white.

The first color photo plate was invented in 1907. It was called Autochrome and was invention of the French Lumière brothers. It wasn’t until 1935 that Kodak introduced the first modern color film.

Now that all camera’s record color, is black and white photography dead? The answer is, “no”.

Black and white (called monochrome in the photography world) is still the standard for fine art photography.

The difference between fine art photography and other types of photography (such as events, sports, editorial, wedding, etc.) is the attention to how lighting interacting across the subject of the image.

The emphasis in a fine art photo (color or black and white) is the shadows and highlights; The difference in lighting across the subject. This creates an image that expresses the form of the object being photographed and looks three-dimensional.

Photographs, paintings and images in print or on computer screen are really only two-dimensional. It’s uneven lighting that creating shadows and highlights on the subject which expresses the form.

No where is this uneven lighting more apparent than in a black and white photograph.

Good black and white pictures sing three-dimensionality.


Mike Williams

Austin Texas Fine Art & Glamour Portrait Photography

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