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At Austin Fine Art and Glamour Photography I offer a variety of services and packages but ultimately it’s all about getting beautiful photographs of you.

On Location Photography


Life doesn’t happen a few feet in front of a flat backdrop.

Studio pictures against a backdrop have become all too common. There are some very good artists that do studio photography but all too often this type of photography has become like an assembly line and instead of focusing on quality, large studio chains focus on getting as many people though the studio as possible as quickly as possible.

Studio photography often lacks depth because honestly, there isn’t much depth in a flat backdrop two feet behind you.

The truth is that you look more beautiful when photographed in a beautiful location. Sure, it’s a little more work, but life doesn’t happen a few feet in front of a flat backdrop either.

If you want truly beautiful pictures of yourself then we can go out of the office and find something truly beautiful to photograph you against.

Professional Retouch


The result is a photograph that’s completely you, minus those blemishes and completely natural looking.

You don’t want your photographs ruined by a pimple or scars do you?

The fact is that everyone has little imperfections and part of the normal service I provide is smoothing those out.

My background in painting really shines here. All too often photographers get lazy and use smoothing or blur filters to remove imperfections from a person skin. This can make the photographs look fake, plastic, obviously retouched, etc.

I don’t use these filters, but will delicately hand paint over any imperfections to leave as much of your natural skin as possible while at the same time removing those imperfections. The result is a photograph that’s completely you, minus those blemishes and completely natural looking.

You’ll Own the Copyright!

Austin Professional Portrait Photographer

There isn't much depth when you're sitting two feet in front of a flat backdrop.

Large chain studios and some professional photographer require that a client sign a release form signing over the copyright of the photographs to the photographer. Sometimes this is done so it makes it impossible for you to have more prints made unless you pay the studio’s expensive prices. Other times if the photographs aren’t very good, they don’t want you to put their bad photos on the internet.

I believe that if someone hires to me to create photographs for them, they should rightly own the copyright and be able to reproduce as many prints as they like. I also do not take poor quality photographs that I would embarrassed to have published.

When you hire me, you will own the copyright for the photographs I take of you.

No Watermarks or Copyright Notices on your Photographs!


You will own the copyright for your photographs!

You know those annoying logos, words or copyright notices that some photographers put on their photographs? When someone pays me to take photographs of them, there isn’t any of that. Your photographs will be all about you and nothing else.

Styles of Photography

I can photograph a number of different types and styles of photography. Perhaps you want a portrait that tells a story about who you are. Or, if you’re looking some beautiful intimates to give to your significant other for Valentine’s Day, we can do that too. From senior portraits to model portfolios, I can photograph whatever style of photography you need.

Mike Williams
Austin Fine Art & Glamour Photography

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