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Here’s What People Are Saying About Austin Fine Art & Glamour Photography

Kayleigh S

“Hands down Mike Williams is the best photographer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

This is no joke or elaboration, every photo I’ve recieved has turned out beautiful in its composition, and I think this is attributed to the fact that Mike takes pride in his work and creating a beautiful photograph. He really knows what he’s doing behind that camera, and how to direct you in front of it – so listen to him ladies! I’ve shot with him multiple times and look forward to shooting more in the future because his creativity and quality are one of a kind.

If you’re looking for a photgrapher that is professional and fun to work with, Mike is the man you’re looking for – I would refer anyone and everone I know looking for remarkable photographs to Mike Williams.”


Hallie C

“I had a great experience shooting with Mike. As a new model, I felt comfortable with his relaxed, positive attitude. He had a lot of good ideas for shooting and communicated very clear direction and encouragement. The pictures were beautiful and made great additions to my portfolio.”


Adrienne A

“Mike Williams is a wonderful photographer to work with! Not only is he courteous and professional, he was very helpful in directing and posing the shots so that I received a greater number of perfect shots. He also has a great eye for color and composition.

The photos I received from my shoot with Mike have become a valuable addition to my portfolio The shoot was fun and I would definitely refer any model him!”


Amber D

“I have worked with Mike on several occassions. He is great at photography as well as posing; makes the model feel comfortable. I had a great time during the shoot and learned alot about posing. All of the pictures I recieved are incredible. Mike does a great job and I would recommend him to anyone looking for high quality photos.”


Christen M

“I worked with Mike for a few hours and had an absolute blast working with him. The photo shoot took place at the Greenbelt in Austin over the weekend and he picked a spot that was secluded enough that I never felt uncomfortable changing outfits or losing focus on the shoot. Mike asked me to send me a photo of myself and he told me exactly what colors would bring out my skin tone and features. He also took the time to teach me a little bit about the camera and how specific poses would bring out my best features. I felt like he was very focused on getting me the best possible photos. I think the biggest problem we had was that I was laughing a bit because we were having a lot of fun. He sent me the first few photos right away and then sent me the rest within a week. I love how he made my skin look in the photos. Overall he was very professional and I would be sad if I never got to work with him again. I have already recommended him to friends of mine and will continue to recommend him.”


Nicolle T

“Mike is an awsome photographer!  He made me feel so comfortable.  He was very professional.
I absolutely loved the way my pictures turned out!  He made me look gorgeous and the clarity of the pictures is outstanding.

I would with no hesitation recommend others to shoot with him.  I only had to wait a few days to get the pictures back, unlike most photographers.  Trust me you will be impressed and love your photos!”


Rory O

Mike Williams is a photographer with a vision. His pictures possess an ethereal timelessness to them, and always come out beautifully. He is excellent at supplying a model with some direction, and very quick with processing the pictures, in addition to being a “photoshop ninja.” I had a great time on our shoot, and Mike worked with me all day and gave me his full attention. I have already recommended him to my friends.


Anna P

Very creative, open minded, friendly, respectful, talented, good director, a joy to be around and easy to work with.  These are just a few of the many qualities this amazing and fun photographer posses.

I have shot with Mike five times and with each shoot grew more and more fond of not only his work but his ability to communicate and get on a level similar to my own.  Never a dull moment with this casual and laid back creator.

A few times I felt unsure of his main idea or theme but then seeing the end results made me realize the unknown sometimes is the best and it proved this guys ability to create in his mind never fails.  Because of Mike, I have built up some variety in my port, put up a ModelMayhem page, and decided that modeling is something i would like to continue with.

His kind words, honest opinions and resourceful information has given me great hope and confidence that my future for modeling will be near successful and the act of having a good friend will never end.


Hollis O

“I had a great time shooting with this photographer!  Mike was extremely helpful with posing and taught me a lot about which poses work best for me while modeling.  He is also very skilled at editing photos and sent my shots to me within a few days!  Mike really did a great job and I got numerous great shots for my portfolio after shooting with him.”


Felicity R

“Mike Williams is really a wonderful photographer. He spent a good deal of time speaking to me before the shoot, so we knew what we wanted to do. The photos we produced were AMAZING. I have shot with him several times now and plan to do so again in the future. Since the first time we shot he has really grown in his photography. His work is amazing and keeps getting better.”


Malorie B

This photographer was very professional and made me feel comfortable. He was very helpful with posing and with what looked good. I recommend him to anyone. My pictures came out soft and natural.  I had fun and I learned something from the experience.


Veronica L

“Mike helped me build the most beautiful photos in my portfolio so far and I really just like working with him.

He has a contagious laugh when he likes a pose and a great attitude which kept me natural and comfortable during the shoot.

He was calm and help explain poses which would emphasis the best features of my body and hide the imperfect ones.

Mike really rocks!!!!”


Ellen R

“Mike is professional in every aspect, and it was great working with him. Even though we’d never met face-to-face, he made me feel comfortable during the shoot and gave me suggestions for posing and facial expressions to create the best photos possible. He took hundreds of high quality photos, which I was able to pick-up as soon as just a couple days after the shoot. My portfolio greatly improved after my session with Mike, and I also learned a lot about modeling during the shoot! He made my face and body beautiful in a way that only professional photography can do.”


Kate G

“When I decided to shoot with Mike, I had no prior modeling experience.  Initially, I was really nervous that I wouldn’t know how to pose and it would be difficult to get goods shots of me.  Instead, Mike made me feel so comfortable, helping me every step of the way so that we were able to create some amazing pictures.  Mike is used to working with all types of models, ranging from those with literally no experience to those that have been modeling for years.  With me, he gave great advice on poses and really taught me a lot about body language and how to capture my best features on camera.  Mike is extremely professional and I felt completely at ease during the shoot.  He is filled with creative ideas and his pictures prove what a unique style he has.”
“I never intended to continue with modeling after my shoot with Mike, but his pictures turned out so well (he gets them back to you in about a week, fully touched up) that I’ve gotten a ton of recognition since, and am considering modeling as a potential part-time career.  Mike is a great person to work with and has tons of great stories from all of his experience as a photographer.  I would recommend Mike to anyone, and especially those newer to modeling.  He is a great coach and you’ll leave with so much new knowledge about the profession.  And even if you’re not planning on modeling seriously, you’ll leave with some amazing pictures that capture you looking your best!”
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