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Mar 21 / admin

Welcome to Austin Glamour Portrait Photography

Would you like some really beautiful portraits of yourself?

If so, you came to right place because that’s exactly what I specialize in; taking really beautiful images of people.

I’ll take photographs that make you look your very best.

Instead of being formally trained in photography, I’ve taken half a bazillion fine arts classes and have years of experience in studio fine arts as a painter.

There are great photographers who really know how to use a camera but lack even a basic class in art design theory.

It’s the attention to detail that makes the difference.

From selecting the best color scheme to flatter you, to selecting poses which will enhance your figure, to selecting a location that will integrate you beautifully into the scene.

So why hire a “photographer” to get good photographs when you can hire me to put you in a work of art?

Welcome to my website. On this website you will find 100s of example photographs of my work, information about the services I provide, beauty tips, tips for photographers and artists and tips for aspiring models.

Mike Williams
Austin Fine Art & Glamour Photography

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