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Mar 27 / admin

Beauty Intimates with Amber

Amber and I were originally planning on shooting outside but the weather in Austin, Texas is quite unpredictable and ended up being a cold rainy day. What’s a photographer to do?

Sometimes simple things can be beautiful. These photos were taken using nothing but a camera, a tripod and window light on a rainy day. Technically these would be boudoir or intimate photographs.

The soft lighting is partially due overcast rainy day, shooting in extremely low light and by using shear sheets which would absorb and further diffuse the light, we get a soft angelic look.

Mike Williams

Austin Fine Art & Glamour Photography


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  1. Danny Drane / May 30 2010

    very nice work. I borrowed one so that I can get close to duplicating it soon……….I build my shooting plan right now from other pics, diagrams etc.

  2. Danny / May 31 2010

    your site is becoming more and more my learning tool for photography and art! I am looking at Amber (big surprise huh) and your shoot that went south due to weather. WOW, the part that gets me is I have all the things you have here, sheers, window light, camera, tripod, and more than anythind a desire to create images as lovely as these. I even have a model (pro) that will sit still while I do the work!

    I so much appreciate your sharing all of your work with us, it is truly a work of art.

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