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Type of Modeling Gigs

The two main division of modeling are commercial modeling (displaying a product or service or drawing attention to it) and art modeling (being integrated in a work of art for its own sake).

Beyond these two types of major division, there are number of different types of modeling based on what is being modeled.

    Promotional Modeling – Modeling to display a product or service or to attract attention to an event.

    Promotional modeling displays a product or service or attracts attention to an event.

    • Booth Babe – A model hired at a convention to man a booth and attract people to look at a specific product or service.
    • Merchandise Girl – Selling products at concert or convention.
    • Car Model – Promotional model standing in front of cars at car shows to help attract attention to the cars.
    • Fashion Model – Displaying fashion clothing and/or accessories.
    • Runway Model – A fashion model that appears in a live fashion show to display clothes or accessories.
    • Body Part Model – Sometimes models are employed to display certain product or accessories for advertisements. A wrist model might display a watch or bracelets and a hand model might display rings or nail care products.
    • Swimsuit Fashion Modeling – Modeling to display the swimsuit as in an advertisement or runway show.
    • Underwear Model – Victoria’s Secret, etc.
    • Commercial Fitness or Figure Modeling – “If you use Product-X, you’ll have a body like this in just 6 weeks!”
    Art Modeling – Modeling to be integrated into a work of art. The work of art is enjoyed in its own right and for its own sake.

    Art modeling integrates the model into a work of art. The work of art is enjoyed in its own right and for its own sake.

    • Fine Arts Studio Model – Modeling in front of painters, sculptors or other artists as the subject of a work of art.
    • Beauty Modeling – Modeling for the purpose of creating a beautiful work of art. This also includes live modeling events such as beauty contest.
    • Glamour Modeling – The model is the main subject and focus of a work of art. Glamour photography emphasizes a models beauty or sexuality or both.
    • Pin-Up Modeling – Pin-ups are mass produced pictures with wide appeal. They are intended for informal display. The word originated because people literally “pin” attractive drawing, paintings or photographs to the wall.
    • Swimsuit Glamour Modeling – It’s usually a bikini these days. These photographs aren’t intended to sell swimsuits; the model is the focus of the pictures. Sport Illustrated has the most famous swimsuit pin-ups in the world. This could also include live shows like bikini contests.
    • Figure or Fitness Modeling – This is modeling to show off the body. Fitness modeling could be done to create pin-up art but there are additionally a number of fitness or figure competitions and contests that people can enter.
    • Lingerie Glamour Modeling – Pin-up art in lingerie. This is also called boudoir modeling. “Boudoir” is a French word which means a ladies private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room.
    • Fine Art Modeling – One dictionary actually defines fine art modeling as a euphemism for nude modeling. This is completely silly. Fine artists have been painting, drawing and sculpting beautiful women since before recorded history; sometimes nude but more often clothed. The Mona Lisa wasn’t even showing cleavage and her painting is considered to be one of the beautiful artistic masterpieces of all times.

Mike Williams
Austin Fine Art & Glamour Photography

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