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Glamour Photography Model Tips

To make sure you get the most out of your photography session, here is a list of tips to avoid the common mistakes.

Makeup Tips

Makeup is ONLY there to enhance your natural beauty.

In terms of Glamour photography, makeup is there only to enhance your natural beauty. It does so by emphasizing your best features and minimizing imperfections. For glamour photography, makeup should be subtle; you want people to notice you, not your makeup.

1)      For beauty photography, do not put dark eye shadow under the eyes. This can make you look as though you have a black eye, it can emphasize bags under the eyes and in general it just looks trashy. If anything, use a concealer or highlighter under the eyes to minimize bags.

2)      Do not use a base or bronzer on your face that makes you face darker than the rest of your body. Especially in a swimsuit or lingerie shoot – this is a huge mistake. If you use a base on your face, make sure to match it with the color tone of your chest and/or stomach

3)      Heavy makeup can ruin a perfectly good shoot and make a perfectly beautiful woman look highly unattractive. There is a whole style of makeup in heavy “fashion” photography where the makeup artist gets “super creative” and ends up painting a black band around a model’s head so that she looks similar to a raccoon. Shoot likes these are more about the make up and less about your own innate beauty.

4)      Color contacts usually do not look real, and can affect the whole look of the photograph. As well, please be careful with large false eye lashes. If you do wear false eye lashes make sure to curl them upward over the eye so they do not hide your eyes.

5)      Unless arrangements have specifically been made for a make up artists on set, be prepared by having your hair and make up done before the shoot. This ensures you will have the maximum time available to spend with the photographer.

Health & Hygiene Tips

Beauty is being healthy, clean, alive and awake.

What is going to create the most beautiful image is being healthy, clean, alive and awake. When a model feels good, they look beautiful – however, when they feel ill, tired or hungry, the camera picks up on this and the image will reflect it. With that being said:

1)      Make sure to get adequate rest before your glamour shoot. People are always more attractive when wide awake and rested. If you feel beat down or tired it will come across on camera.

2)      Do not excessively drink or do drugs before your photo shoot. No one looks attractive when they have a hang over.

3)      Some people have been known to avoid eating prior to a shoot in an attempt to avoid feeling or looking “bloated”. Being hungry while being photographed is distracting and counter productive. Eat before your shoot.

4)      If you are going to be photographed in shorts or a skirt, please ladies, shave your legs. If you are going to in be bikini or lingerie, take the time to groom your bikini line. This may sound like common sense, but it’s a very common error, and the camera will pick up the smallest detail.

Wardrobe Tips

Clothes are THE most effective tool a person can use to enhance (or sometimes detract from) their natural beauty. The right outfit can make any women look like a goddess in their own right. You want to use your wardrobe to your advantage, to the fullest extent possible.

1)      The most common mistake people make in terms of a glamour photography shoot is not bringing enough clothes. You do not have to bring your entire closet but it is better to bring more than you think you need, than to not have enough to choose from. Bring a selection to ensure the photographer and/or make up artist can help choose the outfits that make you look your best.

2)      The second most common mistake is not bringing matching tops and bottoms. Once you select a number of tops to bring, go through and make sure you have pants, skirts, or shorts to go along with every top you bring or visa versa.

3)      Use your clothes to accentuate your strong points. If you have strong eyes, wearing clothing that will enhance your eye color can

Choose cloths that will accentuate your strongest features.

literally make your eyes pop in the photographs. If you have great legs, wear something that will showcase them, etc.

4)      Know what colors make you look your best. You may have heard people say, “I’m an Autumn.” or “My colors are Summer” This comes from the “Color Me Beautiful” system where picking the right colors for people to wear has been developed into a science. This system really works and I would highly recommend it. Despite this, all a “Color Me Beautiful” consultant determines is what colors look best on a person by holding up different colored fabrics to the person and seeing what looks best. You can do this yourself in the mirror to discover what colors look best on you. You should also be able to tell the undertones in your skin by looking at the underside of your wrist. For instance if you have a blue undertone – cooler colors would look best (think water, sky, sea, forest), and if you have a greener undertone, warmer colors will look best (think fire and sun).

5)      On film black clothing minimizes curves, while white clothing emphasis curves. If you’re trying to look thinner, black can be a good choice. If you’re trying to showcase your curves, white as well as other light tone colors can help you enhance them.

6)      Stripes and patterns emphasize and show off curves. You may have heard that horizontal stripes can add weight/width to your frame, while vertical stripes can slenderize. This is true to some extent but ALL stripes and square patterns emphasize form in one way or another. If you trying to show off your body, wear stripes, if not, avoid them.

7)      Use clothes to downplay your weak points. For instance, wearing clothes that flatter your chest or add mass to chest (ex: ruffles) can help to create an hour glass figure when matched with a smaller bottom- making your waist look smaller.

8)      Use clothes to hide imperfections as well. If your legs have blemishes, wear pantyhose. If your stomach has stretch marks, wear a one-piece swimsuit instead of a bikini; or in a boudoir shoot, wear a teddy instead of bra and panties.

9)      Just as a note, in boudoir photography, corsets make every woman look fabulous.

10)  If you do wear pantyhose, wear only sheer to the waist hose – avoid control tops as they can peek out from under short skirts. This is a fairly common mistake.

11)  The best clothes are usually form fitting – without being too tight or too baggy. Baggy clothes can add weight to your frame, and clothes that are too tight pinch in on the body and can create lumps or rolls that wouldn’t usually be there.

12)  Please, do not wear swimsuits, bras, panties or stockings that to too small/too tight. To be blunt this pushes in the skin and creates little fat rolls. This is also a common error.

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