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Where Fine Art & Glamour Photography Come Together

Austin Fine Art & Glamour photograph is literally just that, it is fine art glamour or fine art beauty photography.

With an extensive background in visual fine arts and painting, I apply the basic principles of visual fine arts to take photographs that integrate you into a work of art.

The emphasis is always on beauty.

As an example, one of the fundamental principles of art is correct color scheme.

My photographs are not your typical glamour shot taken against white or black backdrop in a studio. Instead, I do on location photo shoots at different strategic locations around the Austin area to integrate you fully into setting which will enhance your natural beauty.

My basic philosophy is providing excellent service to clients at a reasonable and competitive fee and ultimate the highest quality photographs possible. Compared to a typical glamour shot type service, my clients receive better quality, greater quantity, more quickly and it cost less.

I offer a large variety of potential styles of photography.

Portraits & Head Shots

Before photography was invented, people would hire professional artists and painter to create portraits. Head shots are typically used by actors and actresses to attach to resumes.

Beauty Photography

A style of art photography where the photographer attempts to make his subject as beautiful as possible by controlling a large number of factors such as; lighting, color scheme, facial expression, background setting, pose, etc


Based off the 1950s pin up models, this is style of photography all in its own. Pin up shoots are usually themed, cute, naively innocent with a tiny hint of sexual suggestion. Most pin up lingerie shoots are less revealing than a typical bikini shoots.

Boudoir, Intimates or Art Lingerie

Think Victory Secrets here. This level is high quality glamour lingerie photos. Sometime times this style is shot with the same lighting and posing as art implied nudes or art nudes. Poses in this style emphasize beauty and are generally not sexually explicit.

Welcome to my website. You will find a great many photographs on this website. This is intentional to demonstrate both the quality and consistency of my work.

I hope to make some art with you soon,

Mike Williams